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The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan for Newnan, Georgia (GA) Bankruptcy

The chapter 13 bankruptcy plan is the center-piece of a chapter 13 bankruptcy case. The plan determines how all of your creditors will be treated in the bankruptcy and how much you have to pay. The plan will typically have several sections. This post is to give you an overview of the chapter 13 plan […]

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4 Ways Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plans Can Solve Debt Problems With Cars

Americans love their cars. Unfortunately, our cars often get us into financial trouble and then we find ourselves in what we think is a no win situation. Maybe you are behind on car payments or maybe you are so far upside down in a car that you don’t see any way out from under it. […]

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Newnan, Georgia (GA) Bankruptcy Information – What are reaffirmation agreements?

Introduction to reaffirmation agreements in Newnan, Georgia (GA) Bankruptcy Cases Reaffirmation agreements are agreements that make you liable for a debt even when that debt has been listed in your bankruptcy case. When you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Georgia, all of your debts must be included in your bankruptcy petition, including the […]

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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Newnan, Georgia

What happens if you decide to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy case with us? First you will have met with a Newnan bankruptcy lawyer – in this case me – Rick Palmer.  At your meeting we will go over all of your options to resolve your debt issues. In this example, you’ve decided to file […]

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The Bankruptcy Consultation – what to bring to your lawyer!

Maybe a creditor has filed a lawsuit against you. Maybe creditors are calling you non-stop. Maybe you are in danger of losing your home. Whatever the reason, you are considering talking to a bankruptcy lawyer. So what is your bankruptcy lawyer going to be interested in hearing? It may not be what you think. It’s […]

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Thinking about filing bankrutpy? Avoid these 5 things!

Certain actions prior to filing a bankruptcy case can cause you to have problems with the case. These 5 items are particularly troublesome and as a Georgia Bankruptcy Lawyer, I see clients every week who have done one ore more of these things. So hopefully, you’ve come across this list well in advance of filing […]

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Can You Really Settle Your Debts for “Pennies on the Dollar?”

You hear it on TV. You hear it on the radio. You may even hear it from your friends. “You don’t need bankruptcy; you can settle your debts for pennies on the dollar!” There is just enough truth to this statement to make it dangerous for people who are considering bankruptcy or other ways to […]

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – ten things you should know

For this post I’ve listed ten things that you need to know about if you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy case. As an experienced Georgia bankruptcy lawyer, I can help you avoid these potential issues or explain how they might affect you. So…did you know: You can lose your house, cars, or other property […]

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Will I Lose My House if I File Bankruptcy?

As a Newnan, Georgia bankruptcy lawyer, I review the potential bankruptcy consequences of home ownership almost everyday.  The considerations can be numerous, but here are a few of the basic principals for determining whether you could lose your home by filing bankruptcy. You most certainly can lose your house by filing a bankruptcy case – […]

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What are Bankruptcy Exemptions and why should I care?

So what are bankruptcy exemptions? Well, the short answer is they are what allow you to keep at least some of your property when you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case. They also play a role in chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, but I’ll talk about that in a later post. When you file a chapter […]