Newnan Lawyers – Do You Really Want the Cheapest Newnan Lawyer?

I know that money is tight; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. I also know that you don’t want to get ripped off. However, the difference in fees between the more experienced Newnan bankruptcy lawyers and the less experienced lawyers is only a few hundred dollars, yet the costs of hiring the wrong lawyer can be substantial.

So before you make the rounds calling to ask what a particular Newnan lawyer charges for a bankruptcy case, ask these questions as well:

  • Does the Newnan lawyer specialize in bankruptcy?
  • Does the Newnan lawyer handle chapter 13 and chapter 7 cases?
  • Will the lawyer handle any liens and garnishments that have been put on your property for the fee quoted?
  • Do the fees you’ve been quoted cover the costs for filing your case and for the credit counseling and debtor education course you are required to take?
  • Do the fees cover reviewing and discussing reaffirmation agreements?
  • If you own a business do you want to trust a cheap lawyer with making certain you don’t lose this business in the bankruptcy? It can happen.
  • Would you trust a cheap lawyer to save your house? You can definitely lose a house in a bankruptcy case.

These are just a few of the very important considerations you need to make when considering what bankruptcy lawyers in Newnan, GA you might want to hire. In most of the cases I review, we are looking at removing ten thousand to millions of dollars in debt for a very modest fee in comparison. So when you are considering hiring your attorney – certainly consider the fee for services, but make sure you understand what services are offered for the quoted fee and more importantly, make sure you understand what services you need.





by Rick Palmer

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